Jackson JS Series Rhoads Amaranth Fingerboard – Satin Black Electric Guitar (JS32T)

$ 329.99

Jackson JS32T Rhoads Solidbody Electric Guitar

Embrace the fierce, bold sound and aesthetic of the Jackson JS32T Rhoads. This solidbody electric guitar combines affordability with performance, offering thick, snarling tones and enduring sustain. Its lightweight poplar body, effective string-through-body design, and dual humbucking pickups ensure a full-bodied sound that’s perfect for heavy music genres.

Features at a Glance:

  • Build: Lightweight poplar body for resonant tone and comfortable play.
  • Neck: Smooth maple speed neck designed for fast playing across a compound-radius amaranth fingerboard.
  • Pickups: Two high-output humbuckers deliver hot, rock-ready tones.
  • Design: Unique Rhoads shape with Satin Black finish for standout stage presence.
  • Playability: Compound-radius fingerboard facilitates easy chording and unimpeded shredding.

The Jackson JS32T Rhoads is not just a guitar, but a declaration of your musical prowess and style. Ready to take center stage and make a statement? This is your axe.