Jackson JS Series JS32 Warrior with Amaranth Fretboard 2019 – Present – Snow White

$ 260.00

This Warrior came to me about 4 months ago and barely has any playtime on it. Currently, it is set to Eb tuning with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 46s-10s. There’s a minor crack in the back of it that came from shipping, and there’s a bit of scratching on the blocks in the saddle but that’s only because of the strings unwinding and popping. The locking tuners do work fine and even though there is one missing in the photo, the string is being replaced and it would be clamped on. The tremolo arm came in loose and there is a temporary fix but it is best to get a replacement or find a more permanent way to fix it in general. Overall the electronics are still fresh and for a beginner that has used it, its output is strong at best.