Jackson DR2 1997 – Ultravoilet Burst

$ 1699.00

Hello Everyone! If you’re wondering why this is listed again I had sold it to someone who later had a change in heart and sold it back to me. I still have too many guitars so it needs to go!

This is a Pre-Fender (a real Grover Jackson, if you will) 1997 DR2 (Dinky Reverse) in an ultraviolet burst w/reverse headstock. No fretboard inlays give it a very clean look and the neck is your classic flat Jackson. The Floyd Rose works wonderfully and still glistens in the light. 

There are some light swirl picking and one mark on the face of the guitar but the finish is in excellent condition for a 24-year-old guitar. Additionally, the frets are chunky with no divets or worn sections. This guitar is 100% original and unmodified. 

Finally, this guitar comes with the original Grover Jackson case, Certificate of Authenticity, and owner’s manual.  Truss rod cover and back plate too – I took those off while giving it a setup but it will be in the case.

This is a really, really sweet “true” Jackson USA that is ready to shred. 

*please note that I included pictures from the seller I purchased it from as well as pictures taken at the time of this listing. I had planned on keeping this guitar but life (and a gear addiction) say otherwise.