Jackson Custom Shop King V 2013-2017 Ebony/slime green

$ 4200.00

In immaculate shape! This Custom Shop King V was manufactured around 2016 I think, plus or minus a few years, for Rainbow guitars in Tucson, Arizona. These King V’s all came in ebony with a trim of either slime green, blood red, or sun good yellow. This particular model is obviously in slime green. All of these models came off the floor with a set of DiMarzio Titan pickups, each colored to match their respective trim. I’ve modified this and did an extremely clean wiring job to accommodate the classic EMG 81/85 combo. Alder body with maple neck and ebony fretboard, 24 frets w/ original Floyd Rose bridge. Fret job is flawless and fret life is 100%. If you’re here you know what a Jackson USA Custom Shop is…and this shredder is no exception. Original pickups, Jackson hard shell factory case and case candy will all be included! Please let me know if anything you’d like to know or any additional questions! 🤘🏼