Jackson Brandon Ellis Sig + Case

$ 1120.07

Brand new guitar with no defects (played ~20h). The guitar has had a professional set-up. 

The Floyd-Rose was blocked with a trem-stop but this can be unblocked with a screwdriver to be used normally! Schaller S-Locks have also been fitted. The guitar is sold with its new Jackson case.

I’m selling it because I bought it on a whim and ended up preferring the ergonomics and feel of my Jackson RR.

I have the invoice from MusicStore dated 11.02.2024 if required.

The price is non-negotiable given the pristine condition of the guitar and the case that goes with it. I think it’s a good deal if you like this kind of guitar!

I remain available for any questions.

Possibility of sending by post at your expense (please write to me if you want to know the prices), otherwise you can come and pick up the guitar at my place and try it out on a small amp.