JACKSON – American Series Virtuoso Streaked Ebony Fingerboard Specific Ocean – 2802401849

$ 1848.41

Born in Southern California in 1980 Jackson was the first brand to embrace the needs of hard rock and metal virtuosos by providing instruments with feature sets that catered to high-velocity playing.

Jackson has continued to revolutionize its high-performance craft over the last 40 years while dominating the metal landscape as the industrys leading shred machines. The all-new Jackson American Series is the next chapter in Jacksons storied legacy marking the first made-in-Corona flagship product line for the brand.

Designed to inspire players around the globe the American Series Virtuoso comes equipped with all the essential features demanded by todays high-velocity players. The model starts with an alder body featuring a contoured hand-shake heel to ensure ergonomic comfort during long sets.

The five-piece multi-laminated caramelized maple/maple neck is bolted-on with graphite-reinforcement rods that provide rock-solid stability all the way up to the 24th fret. The ultra-fast 12-16 compound radius streaked ebony fingerboard with rolled edges is built from the get-go for easy chording and riffing near the nut and speedy scale runs as you move up the neck. Luminlay side dots ensure you always land on the right fret even on the darkest stages while a heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel allows for quick neck relief tweaks on the fly.

The HH pickup configuration features a Seymour Duncan JB TB-4 humbucking bridge pickup that roars with hot-rodded attitude and a powerful low end while the Seymour Duncan 59 SH-1N neck pickup radiates with glassy treble tone and scooped mids that perform well across a multitude of genres. The intuitive control layout consists of a five-way blade switch and dome-style knobs for volume and tone.

Other premium features include a Floyd Rose 1500 Series double-locking tremolo bridge system for reliable tuning stability throughout daring and aggressive playing theatrics Gotoh MG-T locking tuners and Dunlop dual-locking strap buttons.

Designed with standout style in mind the American Series Virtuoso comes in Mystic Blue Satin Black Satin Shell Pink or Specific Ocean with color matched bound pointy headstocks and black hardware..
Product code: 2802401849