Jackson American Series Soloist SL3 Gloss Black

$ 2428.85

With its specific features, the American Series Soloist™ SL3 defines a new standard for high-performance guitars. An inspiration for musicians all over the world.

A three-piece maple neck with two graphite rods sits on the alder body of the American SL3. It extends the sustain and ensures high stability. Even with abrupt temperature changes or damp weather, nothing warps. The smooth ebony fingerboard is designed for lightning-fast and precise playability. It has a compound radius of 12″ to 16″, has gently rounded edges, 24 jumbo frets and inverted mother-of-pearl inlays in a shark fin design. It is more curved at the saddle and makes it easier to grip chords, it becomes flatter towards the body – just right for fast solos and excessive bending. Fluorescent Luminlay® Side Dots help with orientation even on pitch-dark stages. If necessary, the truss rod can be adjusted quickly and easily with the wheel at the base of the neck.

The HSS pickup assembly consists of three Seymour Duncan® pickups that produce a big, powerful tone. The Seymour Duncan JB™ TB-4 bridge pickup roars with hot-rodded characteristics and punchy bass. The Seymour Duncan Custom Flat Strat® SSL-6 RWRP single coil in the middle and the Seymour Duncan Custom Flat Strat® SSL-6 on the neck deliver a clear tone with a lot of radiance, glassy, ​​concise highs and reduced mids. A sound that is not only suitable for heavy metal, but also suits many genres. The sonic powerhouse can be tamed with the 5-way switch and one controller each for volume and tone. More premium details: Floyd Rose® 1500 Series double locking tremolo system for maximum tuning stability with hard, aggressive playing, Gotoh® MG-T locking tuner and Dunlop® dual locking strap button.