Jackson American Series Soloist SL3 2022 – Present – Titanium Pearl

$ 1825.00

American made shredder from Jackson with upgrades. 1500 series Floyd Rose replaced with a German made Original Floyd Rose with push in whammy bar. All brass under the hood (big block, claw and screws) plus FU-Tone red springs. Plus a trem stop installed. These came with soft cases but this one has a Jackson Hardshell case ($220 new). Barely played and not a mark that I can find- no guarantee there isn’t a little smudge or scuff but can’t see any. These guitars are $2300 new without the hardcase and the original Floyd and FU-Tone parts. This one shreds and has everything you need in upgraded parts. 

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From ’80s throwback thrash to molten-hot death metal and beyond, Jackson’s stunning Soloist SL3 delivers the goods. This high-performance, no-frills machine comes with a bevy of upgrades discerning guitarists commonly reach for when outfitting their gigging instruments, accented with top-quality tonewoods and custom-shop sensibility to form an axe worthy of studios and stages everywhere. Its alder body delivers the sonic qualities that have made the wood a mainstay for decades, delivering a firm, full-bodied sound with some extra heft in the low end. Wrap your fretting hand around the 3-piece maple neck, and you’ll experience comfort and quickness in any position courtesy of Jackson’s Speed profile and a glasslike ebony fingerboard with rolled edges. A trio of Seymour Duncan pickups prepares this 6-string for any situation, with a JB TB-4 dishing out distorted tones in complete clarity and Flat Strat SSL-6 single-coils for that coveted twang with some extra “oomph.” Expressive playing is a cinch with a Floyd Rose tremolo on hand, facilitating everything from subtle warbles to insane squeals and everything in between. And with Gotoh MG-T locking tuners up top, tuning instability and slippage issues are a thing of the past. Add the Jackson American Series Soloist SL3 to your arsenal for incredible tone, unparalleled feel, and ultimate playability.

From tip to tail, the Soloist SL3 is a finely tuned machine destined for studio and stage mayhem. It starts with a solid alder body, delivering the chunky, tight lows and gut-punching power required in today’s heavier genres and playing styles. Move further up this firebreather, and you’ll be treated to a sleek and snappy 3-piece maple neck shaped to Jackson’s Speed profile — this ultra-thin cut allows for lightspeed shredding up and down the Soloist SL3’s 24 frets with ease. Speaking of frets, this guitar’s silky-smooth 12–16-inch compound-radius ebony fingerboard is made even better with rolled fingerboard edges — a common feature in boutique-grade instruments — enhancing comfort with a feel similar to a well-worn guitar.

As one of the foremost manufacturers of aggressive-leaning instruments, Jackson knows what it takes to bring the heat when it matters most. The Soloist SL3 comes loaded with a Seymour Duncan JB TB-4 in the bridge and Flat Strat SSL-6 single-coils in the middle and neck positions, capable of dishing out waves of amp-pummeling distortion as well as glassy cleans, crunchy rock rhythms, and so much more. Sweetwater shredders commonly cite the JB TB-4 as their go-to pickup for hot-robbed humbucking tone, high in output with lush harmonics, long-lasting sustain, and unrelenting amounts of gain on tap. Flip over to the Flat Strat SSL-6 pickups in the middle and neck positions for the sweet spank of an overwound single-coil, complete with that coveted chimey sparkle and balanced sound. Whatever metallic flavor you’re looking to conjure, Seymour Duncan’s JB TB-4 and Flat Strat SSL-6 pickups are sure to take you there.

Floyd Rose: the shredder’s-choice tremolo since ’76

Steve Vai. Neal Schon. The late Edward Van Halen. Guitar heroes like these and many more credit the Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo as a core component of their trademark sound. The Soloist SL3 comes stock with a Floyd Rose 1500 Series tremolo, the secret weapon behind those deep-sea dives, chirping crickets, and plenty of other tasteful sonic treats. Best of all, you can go wild with the Floyd Rose’s whammy bar without worry of ever going out of tune, with the double-locking system keeping things nice and tight at the nut as well as the bridge.

Jackson American Series Soloist SL3 Electric Guitar Features:

High-performance, no-frills machine crafted with a custom-shop sensibility

Alder body lays a firm, full tonal base with solid sustain

3-piece maple neck cut to a flawless Speed profile for effortless 6-string sweeps, frantic solos, and furious tapping

Smooth-as-glass 12–16-inch compound-radius fingerboard with rolled edges offers incredible comfort

Seymour Duncan JB TB-4 and Flat Strat SSL-6 pickups deliver dirt-tinged cleans to unrelenting levels of gain and everything in between

Squeal and dive all night long in perfect pitch courtesy of the Floyd Rose 1500 Series locking tremolo

Gotoh locking tuners make string changes a breeze while enhancing tuning stability

Luminlay side dots help with hand positioning on the darkest stages