Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDXM Snow White 2020

$ 572.34

Jackson Adrian Smith SDXM, whiter than white, made in Indo 2020. Shredlord Adrian plays with Iron Maiden, so he’s no slouch. His signature model is based off the classic Jackson San Dimas shape, but with a handy HSS pickup configuration. With the volume knob wound back a little, you can get some pretty convincing Strat-style clean tones. Crank the knob up, and the thing comes to life to rattle cages and kill braincells with great enthusiasm. The bridge pickup is smooth and creamy with a juicy natural bass and a great balance of attack and sustain. The neck has a fancy compound radius and tapers from a comfy C at the nut end to a more technique-correcting D shape up the top, it’s remarkably intuitive for something that sounds like a lot to deal with on paper. This one is basically in showroom shape, so nab yourself a bargain while it’s going. Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me.

Model: Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDXM
Made: Indonesia, 2020 (serial ICJ2059010)
Finish: gloss poly, gloss poly
Body: basswood
Neck: maple, maple board, 22.5″ scale, 12-16″ compound radius
Mods: none
Pickups: Jackson High-Output Humbucking x1, Single Coil x2
Case: none

Cosmetic condition notes: minor finish wear. Headstock and neck have no major marks. The back has a few light scuffs around the cavity cover. The sides are pretty clean, no major marks. The front has a few light scuffs on the horns from play and some dimples around the bridge. Overall: excellent condition (9/10)

Playing condition notes: Action is low, neck is straight, intonation is good, truss rod works. All electronics tested and working properly. Frets have very minimal wear, 9/10 for life left. Wearing fresh 10-46 strings and ready to go.