2008 Jackson Pro Series DK2M Dinky MIJ Japan 2006 – 2009 Snow White

$ 725.00

2008 Jackson DK2M in snow white, excellent condition.

Two blemishes that I can spot is a VERY minor finish crack near the neck pocket (commonplace, not a wood crack) and the headstock point has a VERY minor “ding”, nowhere near a chunk of wood missing, it’s almost like a finish imperfection than anything else.

I’ve included pictures of both.
All original except for the knobs, I think, which I would have swapped out a decade ago. Pickups are original Duncans and sound great.
Setup for 10s and trem is floating so you can both divebomb and pull up on the trem.

Will ship in non-original hard case.
Local pickup is fine by me.