1993 MIJ Jackson Super Dinky HH, Insane Flame Maple Neck, Superb, Vintage Gig Bag

$ 934.64

One of the things I love about the early 90’s Jackson production is that when the guys at Chushin Gakki came across a nice piece of wood, they weren’t thinking about how many guitars to get out of it, they would just use that piece on the first guitar that came along, regardless of price range 🙂

This is an already very nice Super Dinky in classic HH configuration, but what makes this one special is the insane flame maple neck on it. Nowadays you will get that grade pretty much only on custom shop guitars, but here it is, on a production Jackson… for you to grab.

Guitar is in excellent condition and looking really fresh, hardware is super clean, aluminium back plates, frets are beautiful with only the slightest wear on the first 4 frets, just a few very tiny marks on the body, as per last photos. Body is clean, polished and waxed, fretboard is clean and conditioned.

is strung with a fresh set of 9-42 GHS Boomers (you might have to
stretch them
a bit still, once you bring them back to tension). Depending on your favorite string gauge and
action height, local
climate, etc, you will have to fine tune the set up to your personal
taste once the guitar settles down in its new home after a few days.

Trem arm and vintage gig bag included.

Photos are
part of the description. Check out my other gear and superstrats for sale, and
follow me for more to come. Any and all questions please ask.

Guitar will be expertly boxed and protected for safe shipping.
Please see my seller feedback for feedback on my packing skills 🙂

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which is cheaper on a given day). I will ship
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