1993 Jackson ‘Dinky Axe Custom’ MIJ Gradient Blue HSS

$ 1241.25

Awesome 1993 Grover Jackson ‘Dinky Axe Custom’ in Gradient Blue!

This top of the line Japanese domestic market model Dinky boasts a yellow poplar body, maple neck, 24 frets, unbound slab ebony fretboard, mother of pearl inlays, 1 volume, 1 tone, 5 way toggle-switch, Schaller JT-590 tremolo, Jackson JE-1500 Parametric EQ Preamp, and Jackson J-200(neck), J-200R(middle) and J-95(bridge) pickups. The Dinky Axe is a very rare body shape only offered for one year which utilizes the lower horn of a Dinky and the upper horn of Jackson Stealth. The result is a very comfortable form fitting body with a thin upper horn, almost like a carve top without the thickness. To compliment this unique shape, the original Gradient Blue finish provides a subtle transition from light blue to dark blue which looks great in light. Matching headstock with black binding really completes the look! This model is the predecessor to the Caparision Dellinger Prominence and features a refined HSS layout that provides a wealth of tonal options. Includes the original Jackson hardcase which is in great condition.

Excellent condition overall, a few small impressions and scratches but nothing overly noticeable. The tip of the headstock is damaged with a small section missing on the back side. The frets are in excellent condition with very minor play-wear. The electronics can be a bit scratchy but function smoothly with full range of the JE-1500 preamp. Plays and sounds awesome with a tight and aggressive tone that‘s perfect for playing fast n’ heavy! The neck has a very light gloss finish which is similar in feel to the hand rubbed oil necks on the USA Jackson Dinkys of this era. It’s without doubt the thinnest and fastest neck of any Jackson I’ve played with very low action! Quality is as good as it gets, easily on par/superior to the USA Jackson’s I’ve tried, owned, and own.

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