1990 USA Jackson – MINT!

$ 4499.00

Want to play a minty-fresh CLASSIC? Here she is!

Scroll no more… this USA-made Jackson Soloist is from 1990, but doesn’t look her age – blemish and ding free, stock(!) and absolutely ready to shred.

This example is a 1990 production model with an exceptionally low serial number – U00396.

The JE1200 active pickups are stock from the era, the tremolo is a German-made Schaller that is also stock, and the ebony fretboard is jet black. The neck heel is unique to these early model years, and the sparkling grey paint is a sight to behold. This isn’t a case of “oh the paint is good for a 1990 guitar!”… this paint is mint and pristine by 2024 standards.

The guitar was purchased from a collector of US-made Jacksons roughly ten years ago, and she sat comfortable in her case to be played occasionally during my ten years with it. Never toured, never gigged. The guitar comes with a Jackson-branded chainsaw case.

These 1990 production Jacksons were unique instruments…

As you may already know, Jackson used to be a custom-only manufacturer throughout the 1980s.

When the USA series came out aside from the price there were only two differences from the custom shop guitars. They were built in batches of 12 instead of individually and the hardware/electronics and colors/graphics were standardized. Other than that they were built in on the same shop floor by the same people with the same tools employing the same standards of quality and craftsmanship.

This particular guitar is in excellent condition, the neck is straight, the action is low, and the tone is amazing. It features two J-200 in the neck and middle positions with a J-50BC in the bridge. It also has the JE-1200 active midrange boost for excellent sustain and a warm fat signal.

This was from one of the first batches made available for sale.

If you’re looking for a collectible example of Jackson’s finest from the era, this is the guitar for you.