Vintage Ibanez Blazer Electric Guitar – Factory One-Off – Natural – w/ Original Case – MIJ – Early 80’s

$ 725.00

This in an odd bird right here. An early 80’s made in Japan Ibanez Blazer that is only routed for a single bridge position humbucker (no additional pickup routes beneath the pickguard). The neck plate has a year stamp of 1981, however, the neck heel and pocket have no stamps or hand written notes. We contacted our Ibanez rep and he seems to believe that it was something slapped together by someone at the factory using extra parts.

This guitar has definitely been well used and has its share of dings, chips, and scratches. We’ve included a couple of closeup shots as examples. The chrome hardware is also pretty well faded from use with some pitting on the tremolo plate surface. On the positive side, it’s been freshly setup with Ernie Ball 10’s: it plays and sounds great! The pickguard appears to have been repaired near the jack at some point, like so many other Blazers, but this one was done in a very clean and secure fashion. The pickguard was also only routed for a single volume control and the aforementioned jack. All of the electronics appear to be stock and have been freshly cleaned.

Included is the original case. Since this is a used guitar, it is being sold as-is. This is a truly unique item from early Ibanez history. Don’t miss out on this extremely cool piece!