Left Handed Jem Ibanez

$ 550.00

2019 Left Handed Ibanez Jem Jr.

At the beginning of the quarantine, i placed an order for this guitar from guitar center. Unfortunately it disappeared in transit at some point.

I eventually got tired of arguing and waiting so i ended up ordering another one from reverb instead.

About 6 or so months later, the original one from guitar center arrived, and at that point they refused to refund or accept a return because “it was marked delivered” and the order was more then 30 days old.

So with that, i ended up playing it for a few minutes just to test out the hardware and electronics and then it was put away since.

We are going to be moving in a month and I’m trying to clear up some projects.

If you do the buy now option,  I’ll do a free clean up and set up.

(I’ll clean it either way).

Please message with any questions.