Ibanez VM1 Vinnie Moore “Splatter” Guitar? Prototype? 1987?

$ 3800.00

Ibanez VM1 Vinnie Moore “Splatter” Guitar?

I’m sure the experts out there will help to clarify this one! Apparently only 25 VM1’s were made.

Is this a prototype, or is this or something else altogether different? I’m not sure if the pickups and volume/tone knob is original as other VM1 seem to have hat knobs and different coloured pickups. No wang bar.

Different location of the input jack, neck joint compared to other VM1’s. Part scalloped neck.

The guitar is in great condition. I have highlighted in the last 3 pictures where the 3 dings are. The second ding above the springs is quite deep. There is hardly any fret wear, light pick marks on the pick guard and mainly the bridge etc is shiny and well maintained.

Non original hard case included.