Ibanez UV70P-BK Steve Vai Signature Universe with Rosewood Fretboard 2013 – 2017 – Black

$ 1200.00


Up for grabs is a Steve Vai 7 string signature universe guitar.

The guitar has been well takened care of.

There are pick swirls(duh) on the pickguard that you can’t see unless you shine a light on it.

No dings that I could find.

It comes with a hardshell case.

This guitar is amazing! It plays like butter, the action is low and comfortable. The pickups sound as amazing as you would expect.

Stays in tune just fine.

Currently strung with 9-52

If you are a fan of Vai, you can’t go wrong here.

I’m sad to see her go, but hopefully someone who will play the hell out of her, will take her 🤟.

My loss is your gain. Thank you!

The Ibanez Premium Steve Vai Universe 7-String Electric Guitar takes 7-string performance to new heights. This signature model was designed in close collaboration with the legendary Steve Vai to deliver speed, power and articulation that matches his inimitable style. The 5-piece maple and walnut neck is one of the fastest necks Ibanez has ever produced, allowing for effortless riffing across its 24 jumbo frets. Powered by a trio of DiMarzio Blaze pickups, the Universe 7 achieves a mix of chunky lows, crisp highs and scooped mids that provides a perfectly pre-EQ’ed tone for any genre. Add in an Edge Zero II-7 tremolo bridge for radical pitch effects, and the Universe 7 becomes an unstoppable force of sonic creativity. Experience the future of 7-string guitars with the Ibanez Premium Steve Vai Universe 7-String Electric Guitar.

Wizard 7 Neck Sets a New Standard for Playability

The Ibanez Wizard 7 neck represents the pinnacle of 7-string playability. Its 5-piece maple and walnut construction with titanium reinforcement rods provides unparalleled stability and a thin, flat profile that facilitates speedy solos and complex chording. A 25.5″ scale length and 48mm nut width give each of the seven strings ample room to vibrate, enabling a tight, precise attack with booming lows and shimmering highs. Combined with a recessed Edge Zero II-7 tremolo, the Wizard 7 neck unleashes the Universe 7’s full potential for radical pitch manipulation and sonic experimentation across its 24 jumbo frets.

DiMarzio Blaze Pickups Achieve the Perfect EQ

Designed in collaboration with Steve Vai, the DiMarzio Blaze pickup set provides the Ibanez Universe 7 with a mix of punchy lows, pronounced mids and searing highs that needs no further EQing. Blaze humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions produce a hot, articulated tone that handles chunky rhythms and wailing leads with equal ease. A custom Blaze single coil in the middle position adds a screaming, Strat-like tone to the mix. Combined with a 5-way pickup selector and Split-5 wiring, the DiMarzio Blaze pickups give the Universe 7 access to a remarkably broad tonal palette.

Premium Components for Premium Performance

From top to bottom, the Ibanez Premium Steve Vai Universe 7-String Electric Guitar is equipped with only the finest components to deliver premium performance. An American basswood body provides a lightweight but full-bodied platform for the Universe 7’s resonant acoustic tone. Cosmo black hardware, including Gotoh tuners and an Edge Zero II-7 tremolo bridge, offer rock-solid tuning stability and radical pitch control. Steve Vai’s signature adorns the headstock of this prestigious signature model, representing the close collaborative partnership between the virtuoso guitarist and Ibanez’s master luthiers. Experience the cutting edge of 7-string guitar design with the Ibanez Premium Steve Vai Universe 7-String Electric Guitar.