Ibanez TM303M-TFB Talman Offset Double Cutaway SSS with Maple Fretboard 2016 – 2018 – Tri-Fade Burst

$ 975.00

Hard to find and in Mint condition, this TM303M Talman comes with an RTO Patented surface-mount, full-floating vibrato/tremolo. Incredible tune stability, no lifting when bending strings, adds only about 5 ounces to the guitar over the stock bridge. It screws into the same five stock Telecaster style bridge screw, so no modifications at all to this beautiful example. The design of this bridge also improves the tone on every application. There are 5 contact points within the vibrato to better transmit tone and sustain. Lever is a push-in pull-out that is adjustable for tension of lever swing, as well as the arm’s tip can be adjusted forward or back for overall length of the lever. You will not find a more pristine example, purchased from the original owner. Check out the demo video. This Talman compares very well with the made in Japan Prestige of the same specs PLUS it includes the $500 RTO vibrato. This is really a special guitar without imperfection. RTO tremolo is no maintenance and will outlast the guitar. Even utilizes expensive low friction, high load ceramic/steel hybrid bearings in the main pivot. All stainless steel, and 6061 alloy construction. No expense spared bridge. This is a rare opportunity to own a fine playing instrument. Thanks for checking it out! We can be found on Facebook: RTO Guitar and Tremolo and on YouTube channel: RTO Guitar and Tremolo. Typing in YouTube search: tommytu3

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