Ibanez TM302 Talman Refinished Red Sparkle Disassembled.

$ 390.00

This Ibanez Talman TM302 started its life as seafoam green. And was refinished beautifully by David Teske. In sparkle red.

The only other addition is A set of Black Gotoh SG381-07 MGT L3 R3 Set Magnum Locking TRAD Tuners.

Before it was refinished. I placed a label with the ruining on the back of the headstock. Unfortunately it was on the serial number. And when I peeled off the label. It took off the serial number!

I’ve added photos Showing the serial on the bottom of the neck And the neck joint of the guitar body.

Great as a DIY project and mod platform. I just don’t have the time to do it my self.

The guitar is still apart and will be shipped unassembled.

This is sold as-is and shipping is free. Sorry USA only.