Ibanez SML721-RGC 2023 – Rose Gold Chameleon

$ 999.99

Part of Ibanez’s cutting-edge Axe Design Lab, the SML721 is built from the ground up for clear tone, bold performance, and smooth playability. The SML721 is compact and lightweight with an ergonomic nyatoh body that resonates with a rich low-mid emphasis that’s a natural fit for high-gain applications. The SML721’s unique multi-scale fanned fret rosewood fingerboard and Ibanez’ high-performance Wizard neck profile are perfect for effortless upper-fret riffs, but with a traditional feel below the 5th fret that makes chords and rhythm playing effortless and familiar. Powering performance are two custom Q58 pickups, built for ultra-clear articulation with deep versatility expanded by Ibanez’s acclaimed dyna-MIX10 switching system. What’s more, this guitar boasts premium performance-boosting hardware, including Jascar EVO gold frets, Gotoh locking tuners, and Ibanez’ Mono-Rail bridge. If you’ve been hunting for a high-value axe that’s optimized from headstock to heel, then Ibanez’s SML721 is guaranteed to deliver.

Weighs 6.8LBS