Ibanez S7721PB 2016 Sapphire blue flat

$ 750.00

 All blemishes are noted in the photographs.
Love this guitar. super lite. I got it on a trade.
Pickups have been traded out with Dimarzio Titan 7 in both the neck and the bridge.
black on black covers which are about 150 a piece.

It has a kill switch installed but is not wired up currently, I never got around to it.
I was told it has a red led.
This thing shreds. my favorite 7 that I have had.
will do the djent. Surprisingly enough these pickups are balanced enough to play almost anything. I mostly played clean through effects and this excels at that as well.
don’t want to see it go but when a roomie pulls out on the apartment I gotta make moves.

please enjoy