Ibanez S7420 MIJ Fujigen 2000 – Dark Natural Mahogany

$ 1480.00

Extremely rare MIJ S7420 in open pore dark natural Mahogany finish in amazing time warp, 9.8/10 condition. A very lightweight 3.02 kg (6.68 LBS) piece. Tiny scratchs here and there but that is about it (Check all the photos). Zero fret wear, neck straight as an arrow, trussrod works smoothly both ways, electronics perfect. No mod or repair history. Super rare even in Japan since it was only in one year production. This piece is more rare because the finish is not listed in catalog. Officially this model came with only one finish which is Black Pearl. Probably this particular piece was a limited edition ordered by a Japanese dealer. What makes more rare is it has curly quartersawn neck, plus quartersawn Mahogany body. Definitely a special Ibanez. Comes with an ORIGINAL softcase (also in pretty great condition).