Ibanez S570AH

$ 500.00

Light weight meets heavy tones.  S Series’ S570AH is ash with rich grains. Very Light enough but it’s heavy enough to provide the tone and sustain. Wizard III Neck, With the Edge Zero II tremolo.
Got to many guitars and have to sell. I was amazed at the tone this thing has. Extremely warm compared to most Ibanez. So much so that I decided to put a Seymour Duncan Nazgul in it to bring out the mids. It was a perfect match! Has the fullness for heavy tones but cuts right through the mix ! Really sounds Great in E or Drop tunings ! Also put a DiMarzio middle pick up for a bit more clarity and left the quantum in the neck. There is nothing left to tweak on this guitar, all the hot rods are there and ready to Rock out! It has 1 tiny dink. Oh and I played around with Slinky’s and extra light Slinky’s just to see the tone difference and in short both sound great. Left the extra light on it.