Ibanez S521-LVS Standard 2014 – 2016 – Light Violin Sunburst

$ 350.00

Super thin, super light, and in great shape. This guitar combines classic features like a natural sunburst finish, mahogany body, and rosewood fretboard with modern features like 24 jumbo frets and thin, comfortable contours everywhere (weighs less than 6 lbs!). The S521 has a surprising range of tones thanks to Ibanez’s 5 way switching system. It can do everything from metal to surprisingly strat-like sounds.

The guitar is in near mint condition, the only blemishes are a minor surface scratch below the switch (almost too shallow to even photograph), a tiny amount of fret wear that doesn’t affect playability, and some patina on the bridge and humbucker rings.

This color is no longer in production (and can be hard to find) but the specs are the same as the current model on the Ibanez website

Willing to work with you on shipping. If it’s not going far, I can possibly bring the cost down.