Ibanez S370 2001 Made in Korea w/ Tonerider Generator

$ 400.00

For sale is a Korean-made Ibanez S370 in Red Rock Flat finish. Manufactured in 2001 at the WMI factory.

The guitar is in fair condition overall. I tried to show everything in the photos, but to sum it up:
– the guitar has been played a lot, so there’s wear everywhere on the body, neck, and fingerboard
– a lot of scratches and dents on the body
– dents on the 13th and 14th fret under the G string (recrowning should fix this)
– a few stripped bolts securing the bridge saddles (didn’t have time to replace them, but this is a cheap fix)
– there’s also a backplate missing

Other than that, everything is fine. The neck is straight (the truss rod works fine, too) and allows for low action. The frets are in ok shape overall but could use some recrowning and leveling to fix up the dents I mentioned before. Electronics work fine as well. A beautiful flamed maple on the neck is
a nice bonus. 🙂

The guitar has a few upgrades:
– a Tonerider Generator pickup in the bridge
– Alpha potentiometers; Orange Drop capacitor
– bridge studs/inserts have been replaced with Schaller ones, which improved the tuning stability

Now as for the bridge itself. While Takeuchi TRS101 is a decent FR copy, it has some wear and tear and would probably have to be replaced with something better if you plan to use it actively.

Warwick case included.

PM me for shipping costs or any additional info/photos. Will ship internationally.