Ibanez RT650 Transparent Red, original spec, RARE, Japan!

$ 1451.23

Today for sale I have a unique and rare Ibanez RT650 from 1992. Made by Fugigen Gakki (Japan) factory. These models were made only for 2 years and marketing in catalogs was build around legendary Andy Timmons. Finished in Transparent Red. Guitar is in original condition, no mods, changes.

Guitar has original push-pull pot – so You have a lot of sound oppurtunities. Technically in perfect condition, visually some signs of use but she looks awesome for 32 years! Neck is straight, frets with perfect crown and low action of strings. Very smooth setup. Tremolo works perfectly.

That guitar sounds great – warm and round sound with a beautiful selection and agressive highs. Perfectly sitting in mix, suits to Andy Timmons vibes. It was set up with new Ernie ball Strings (09-46).

Whammy bar included.


  • Body – Alder w/ gravure flame top w/ binding
  • Neck – 1-piece Maple
  • Neck Type – Viper
  • Bridge – TZ6 Tremolo
  • Fingerboard – Rosewood with small pearl dots (with binding)
  • Frets – Jumbo
  • Pickups – Ibanez V7/S1/V8
  • Hardware color – Chrome
  • Tuners – Gotoh SG381 Magnum locking