Ibanez RT452 12 String RT-452 1993 – Duncan Filtron&Lipstick Pups

$ 1700.00

This is an Ibanez RT-452 12 String from 1993. I have been buying and selling Ibanez guitars for 40 years.This is the first one I have ever had. And man what a good guitar. Very very clean condition. It is an effortless player from the first fret to the last. And… the previous owner upgraded the pickup,and I can’t imagine a better pairing for this guitar. Seymour Duncan Psyclone/Filtrons in the neck and bridge and a DuncanSLS-1 Lipstick in the middle. It’s sounds soooo good! Ships in a Non original hardshell case. These don’t come up for air to often. This is the one.