Ibanez RGRT421 Neck-Thru Reverse HS +EMG 57/66 +GraphTech String-Saver Saddles +Locking Tuners

$ 599.00

Killer Ibanez RG!

This one is neck-thru and has a relatively thin, non-urethane finish, so the wood can breathe. Pickups have been upgraded to an EMG 57/66 pickup set. Tone for days! Rock-solid tuning stability with the locking tuners and GraphTech string saddles. Shred with no broken strings. Guitar is in excellent condition and ready to ship.

I ship FAST!! See my feedback. Check back often and follow my shop. Lots more prime picks posting soon!

Regarding Shipping: No case or gig-bag included but this instrument will be well-packed for shipping. I’ve successfully shipped instruments, amps & music gear all over the world for the last ~20 years using my patent-applied-for ‘Samurai Armor’ method of combining layers of shock-absorbing materials & layers of impact-resistant materials with the goal of achieving maximum bomb-proof protection at a minimum shipping weight. I’m kinda obsessive about it. Light! Flexible! Strong!

Applicable to Instruments: The action is setup medium low and adjusted to my own playing preferences. This may or may not be suitable to you. It is advisable to either budget for a pro setup & a new set of your preferred strings or to learn to perform setups yourself to ensure any instrument will be setup precisely to your individual specifications.