Ibanez RGR652AHB-WK Prestige Edge/Rosewood 2019 – Weathered Black

$ 1250.00

If you’re an Ibanez guy you know this guitar is somewhat hard to find as well(is only one on reverb/ebay?)as this being the Rosewood version as they switched to ebony and for me ebony with a ash body is a little bright so the Rosewood is quite nice but otherwise this guitar is in quite excellent condition has one small little end grain blemish on the edge below the output Jack cover shown in the picture as well as a little Shiner on the top above the volume knob which happens on a satin guitar but otherwise has had some Seymour Duncan’s installed which are a full shred and a 59 and these things absolutely rip and I’m not a big SD guy but really like this set as well as having the original Edge tremolo

Case is clean and this guitar is pretty light too little over 7 lb I would say but otherwise really fun guitar and thanks for looking