Ibanez RGR5221-TFR Prestige Transparent Fluorescent Orange 2020

$ 1700.00

Purchased brand new from Sweetwater. Beautiful guitar that really shreds. Locking tuners, Bare Knuckle Brute Force pickups are amazing (coil tap too!!), neck is a dream, frets impeccable. Comes with the OHSC as well!

Description from Sweetwater:

The Ibanez Prestige RGR5221 is the epitome of refined brutality — it’s the perfect fusion of looks, sound, and playability. This solidbody guitar’s resonant, ash-topped African mahogany body infuses your playing with a gorgeous blend of warmth, brightness, and sustain. Its comfortable 5-piece Super Wizard HP neck is topped with an ultra-playable bound ebony fretboard. And when you’re feeling aggressive, the RGR5221’s Bare Knuckle Brute Force humbuckers will accommodate you with high output and a deep, saturated tone. Beyond that, its Gibraltar Standard II bridge ensures rock-solid tuning and precise intonation. The RGR5221 includes luminlay side dots for enhanced visibility on stage, and an attractive satin finish.
Super Wizard HP neck plays fast and smooth

The RGR5221’s super-fast Super Wizard HP neck lets you execute lightning-fast runs, arpeggios, and hammer-ons with silken ease, while still providing enough substance for comfortable chording. The feel of this neck is greatly enhanced by the Prestige fret-edge treatment, an extra step Ibanez takes to ensure maximum playing comfort and long-term playability. The process essentially rounds the fret ends much more precisely than is possible by hand filing. The RGR5221 will feel like its neck has been lovingly played for years, right out of the factory case.
Bare Knuckle Brute Force humbuckers

Sweetwater is unbelievably excited to see the outcome of the partnership between Ibanez and Bare Knuckle pickups. By loading a duo of Bare Knuckle’s Brute Force humbucking pickups into the Prestige RGR5221, Ibanez is ensuring the guitar screams with the combative voice they envisioned. Brute Force humbuckers are hand-wound by Bare Knuckle to deliver high output and a deep, saturated tone that’s ideal for progressive metal, thrash, hardcore, and extreme metal. On top of that, the RGR5221 boasts a coil tap switch that unlocks a wide range of single-coil tones.
Rock-solid Gibraltar Standard II bridge

To give the RGR5221 unbeatable stability and sustain, Ibanez turned to their time-tested Gibraltar Standard II bridge. This simple fixed bridge design anchors solidly to the body, providing maximum string-to-body transfer. It also features a super-low profile and a smooth surface, making the RGR5221 super-comfortable to play and giving your picking hand an optimal degree of clearance for speed picking techniques. For high-performance guitar playing, the Gibraltar Standard II is definitely a favorite.
Ibanez Prestige RGR5221 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

Resonant, ash-topped African mahogany body infuses your playing with warmth, brightness, and sustain
Comfortable 5-piece Super Wizard HP neck is topped with a bound ebony fretboard
Bare Knuckle Brute Force humbuckers deliver high output and a deep, saturated tone
Coil tap switch provides access to a vast array of tones
Rock-solid Gibraltar Standard II fixed bridge
Gotoh locking tuners maintain tuning stability
Luminlay side dots let you know where you are in the dark
Attractive satin finish