Ibanez RGIX20FESM w/Stainless Steel Frets

$ 800.00

This is a 2015 Ibanez RGIX20FESM in the Foggy Stained Blue with a stainless steel refret. This guitar is in great shape with the only damage being a really small ding on the front of the body and a very small scratch on the lower horn, both pictured. This was refretted with jumbo stainless steel frets and plays amazing. If you want a guitar for under $1k that’ll never need fretwork or polishing for the rest of its life and super smooth bends, this is a solid contender. It’s a 9 year old guitar so it does have some of the cosmo black finish wearing off on the high contact areas like the bridge and volume knob but theres no pitting on the metal. 16 inch radius, bound ebony fretboard, 3 piece maple/bubinga/maple neck, EMG 81/60, 3 way switch and killswitch toggle. It’s a fantastic player, just selling some stuff off to fund other gear. Message with any questions