Ibanez RGIB21-BK Baritone 2020 With Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi pickups and modification

$ 1180.88

I tried out this modified Baritone for a while but I just love my 8 string. No point keeping something that is never going o get played.

This guitar is awesome. It currently sits in Drop B or sometimes Drop A, with a set of Not Even Slinkies. It can handle lower tunings with thicker strings, but it sounded real good in about the Drop A/B range.

I had the original EMG’s replaced with Tosin Abasi Fishman Fluence. Amazingly versatile and sound great in any of the modes.

I also had it custom wired. You have two switches instead of push – pull pots. Personally, I hate those. So what you have is just a volume and three way selector, behaving normally. Then the two switches will switch between Voice one and two, and Single Coil mode, which overrides both. It’s super quick and easy to just flick it to the sound you want. No messing with a Tone control (which no one really ever uses anyway).

I am selling for £900 because the guitar cost me about £600 second hand, the pickups £250, and the work about £60. And I will include a hard case. It is in very good condition. Only superficial dust or markings, nothing major.

If you have questions, hit me up. Peace.