Ibanez RGA Body with Rg421 Neck Custom Blue Tiger Swirl

$ 1000.00

Up for sale is kind of of an Frankenstein project. The neck of the guitar is from a Ibanez RG421 where as the body is from an RGA. Harder ware parts were purchased from different parts sources as I wanted all chrome parts. Turned out pretty cool. Was set up by a local Luthier and plays fantastic. The pickups are Dimarzio Fusion and the electronics are that of Ibanez. Has a locking tuners on it.

Note I: There are a few issues in the clear on it. Some little bubblies in the horn that I tried to photograph but they don’ seem to show in a picture. Also there is a little discoloration on the back of the guitar next to the string ferrules. But once again wont show up. You have to angle the guitar just right to see them.

Note II: The back of the neck in one spot has a little something like buckle rash on it. I am not sure what caused it and you don’t notice it when playing it.

Any questions just ask.

Shipping to the lower 48 States only. Thanks for looking.