Ibanez RG950 QM Premium 2013 – Mint – Hard Case – Extra Mods – Seymour Duncan JB, Jazz, SSL5 Pickups

$ 799.00

Ibanez RG950 QM Premium 2013

  • Mint Condition, Beautiful Black Ice Quilted Maple Top
  • Looks, Feels, Plays, and Sounds Great
  • Seymour Duncan JB Bridge Pickup
  • Seymour Duncan SSL 5 Middle Pickup
  • Seymour Duncan Jazz Neck Pickup
  • Volume Knob is a Push/Pull Switch to Coil Split the Bridge Pickup
  • Mojo Tone Capacitor
  • All CTS Potentiometers
  • Perfect Ultra-Thin Wizard Neck, No Visible Fret Wear
  • Comes with a Cool Fender Tweed Hard Case (shown in the pics)
  • Awesome Edge Zero II Tremelo Bridge
  • Perfect Setup and Intonation

The guitar is currently set up for D standard tuning with D’Addario NYXL 10’s, but if you want it set up for standard E, or any other tuning I can set it up for you before I ship it to you, just let me know

Notice that there are 3 knobs, an additional tone knob has been added to have independent control over the tone adjustment of both the neck and bridge pickups (like a strat), all work is professional and clean, see the pic of the wiring under the pick guard

See more pics here at this link, I’ll upload a vid soon so you can see and hear this guitar in action, if the vid isn’t there yet just ask me to stop being lazy and make the vid for you, lol …

I hesitate to even mention this, but one thing you might notice about this guitar is that you really have to line up the whammy bar perfectly straight otherwise it wont want to screw on, this problem is very minor in my opinion. I bought the guitar new and I’ve noticed this sometimes, it’s never really caused a problem for me and it won’t be a problem for you either, just wanted mention it here for full disclosure.