Ibanez RG8870-BRE J-Custom, Axe Design Lab, Black Rutile

$ 3161.42

This J-Custom is unlike any other produced by Ibanez right now. Ibanez have introduced some really exciting specifications for this guitar under the Axe Design Lab Series.

It features a new Aysymetric RG j.custom Super Wizard neck profile, allowing you even more comfort across the neck. A coil tap switch, doubling your tonal options! A Chambered Alder body, giving you more resonance and a light weight guitar and a new deep and beveled lower horn scoop for amazing upper fret access.

  • J-Custom
    • Ibanez J-Custom guitars are manufactured by an elite group of highly skilled luthiers trained in producing instruments of uncompromised quality. The j.custom designation represents every advance in design and technology Ibanez has developed over the decades: the best woods, neck, fret treatments, in-demand pickup, and top-quality hardware. Each is masterfully crafted to the highest standards to ensure unparalleled sound, maximum playability and exquisite beauty.
  • Axe Design Lab series
    • Introduced by Ibanez in January 2023 with a collection of experimental electric guitars in the form of varying string configurations: six-strings, eight-strings and nine-strings, including DiMarzio or Fishman pickups, multi-scale designs and versatile switching systems.