Ibanez RG7620 – Grey Nickel – MIJ

$ 800.00

For sale is my 2000 Ibanez RG7620 in Nickel Grey. This guitar was a rescue mission based on the condition that I received it in. I’m a sucker for project guitars especially MIJ Ibanez. The guitar’s condition is stated as “poor” do to the paint chips, dings, and dents to the guitar.

This guitar was once loved by someone and then abandoned by someone else. Since then I’ve been bringing her back to life. The guitars action is a bit high but just like all Ibanez, still plays well.

Currently, the bridge pick up is a Lundgren M7C and the original DiMarzio in the neck. The Lundgren is a sweet hot pick up. Easily has that overdrive sound to it. The pick up selector only has 3 setting; bridge, neck, and both. Can be wired for splits.

This guitar will be shipped in the Gator Gig Bag shown in the pictures. Also, will have the original bridge pickup and whammy bar in the gig bag.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this guitar.