Ibanez RG652FX Prestige Galaxy Black w/case Seymour Duncan Black Winter Liberator Thrash Black Metal

$ 999.99

Hello Reverb Metalheads!

The following listing is for an Ibanez Prestige RG652FX Galaxy Black Made in Japan.

Super Wizard neck – the fastest thinnest one ever!
Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickups in both the bridge and the neck ( for dominating the world ).
Volume knob replaced with a Seymour Duncan Liberator ( makes pickup changes easy ).
Tone knob replaced with a Tesi switch, kill switch ( for that fun stuttering and glitching effect.)
Extremely Low action, and extremely fast, built for shred.
Gotoh Locking Tuners.
Graph tech TusQ XL Nut
Gibraltar II Fixed bridge
Maple and Walnut Neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Bass wood body, bolt on neck.
Includes Prestige Hardshell Case.

Now, how does this guitar play? Well, to be honest it is one of the fastest shred guitars I have played. The neck is really amazing, and the action is mind blowing! Look in the photos and you will see the action at the 1st fret is about  .020and the 12th fret about .050 inches. And what’s more, there is very little fret buzz at all. It rarely ever buzzes, in fact it is one of the best necks I have ever played.

How does it sound? It is a metal guitar period! Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal. The Seymour Duncan Black Winters are brutal pickups. The kill switch is tons of fun. Oddly enough the neck pickup can even pull off some blues tones.

How does it look? Well it has nicks, and scratches and even paint flaked off around the edges. It is a guitar you can play and never worry about getting a scratch on it. If I wanted a guitar scratched up this would be the one, because it has a bit of a uniformed amount of it. It is rather consistent. Now if it had one of those boutique paint jobs and it had a big scratch across it, now that would look bad, but honestly this thing does not look bad at all even with all the marks on it. It looks really nice and the galaxy black sparkle paint is very dimensional. I took a whole lot of pictures, so take a look around the edges.

Obviously, my above statements are subjective but if you are a metalhead, I guarantee you will love this guitar! 

Am I willing to trade? Sure, send me a Ibanez YY10 Slime Green Sparkle