Ibanez RG652AHMS-OMF Prestige 2017 – 2019 Orange Metallic Burst Flat

$ 1250.00

This guitar is in essentially brand new condition. I am it’s first and only owner and it has never seen any live music use. Since the day I purchased it it has been kept in a dry room sitting on a felt lined ultra case. The only blemishes on the instrument are shown in the last three photos. Others than That the only other sign of aging is a slight sheen to the paint just below the strings where I frequently rested my hand.
I replaced the bridge pickup with a $100 DiMarzio D Activator-X to increase sustain as I was unhappy with the stock fusion edge pickups Ibanez installs in it. I would be happy to provide a picture of the wiring job but I work with electronics for a career so I can promise a professional instal was done. It is currently set up with 10 gauge strings.
The only reason I am selling this beauty is to help pay for another guitar I recently added to my collection. I’m hoping to find this instrument a new home with an owner that we’ll make better use of it than I have.
I’m selling this with its original hard case and a levy’s strap already fitted with Schaller strap locks.