Ibanez RG570RM 2002 Rootbeer Metallic

$ 699.99

Up for sale is a 2002 Ibanez RG570RM in rootbeer metallic finish. I would consider this in “good” condition, with minimal scratching/denting. The most obvious blemish is shown in the photos on the bottom corner. There also is a minor scratch along the back of the neck that isn’t noticeable when you play.

This item is in mostly original condition; however I was told by the previous owner that the next is not original to the body, although it is period-correct. I believe it was taken from the exact same model with a grey nickel finish. Thus the headstock is not rootbeer metallic but is black.

The pickups appear to be original, along with the Ibanez edge trem. I believe the electronics (pots, output jack, etc.) have been replaced. The trem arm functions fairly well but makes some sort of noise when you spin it around.

The original Ibanez hard shell case in included!

Please visit the Ibanez Fandom site for specs on this item. Search for “RG570 (1997–2002)”