Ibanez RG570 MIJ Fujigen with Hard case

$ 799.00

1999 stamped Ibanez in very good condition. Has the usual body dings on the edges that seem to plague RGs but the neck and frets are very clean. There is a tiny crack on the back of the neck where the nut bolts go through but it has been professionally glued and sealed and is stable.

Comes with original pop-in whammy bar and after market molded case. All hardware and pickups and wiring are original. Just checked out and set up by Jason Smith from the Fender Custom Shop who also fixed the crack behind the nut. Plays great and sounds amazing! Perfect for those Vai and Petrucci tones from the era without breaking the bank. The color is black in some light and more gray in other light – I believe it is Iron Pewter