Ibanez RG560-JB Standard 1991 – 1992 – Natural

$ 400.00

Up for sale is my Ibanez 1991 RG570. Was Jewell Blue. I’ve had this guitar since I was 18. I’m 47 now. It has seen many changes (heavily reliced), but has been like this for about 3 years. I replaced the neck postiion single coil with a Wilkinson stacked humbucker. DiMarzio super distortiion in the bridge. This one could be a one off as I have yet to find a model that is HSS with as reverse headstock and what I believe to be an ebony fretboard. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. The closest I could find for a 1991 model is the RG570, but it has no reverse headstock and the fretboard is rosewood. Either way, this thing is a ripping machine. I hate to see it go, but Biden’s job market put me in a bad place. Ships in an Ibanez molded hardshell case.