Ibanez RG550M 1991 – Blue with Blue Mirror Pick Guard

$ 995.00

RG550M. M is for maple. 24 frets, straight neck, no issues whatsoever. Completely original, except for the Floyd locking nut,” I changed for a different feel and string spacing.” I will include the original locking nut as well as the one on the guitar, so you can choose. 1991 as near as I can tell, based on the features, neck plate, writing on the pick ups etc. Edge tremolo works as it should. Tremolo bar included. Original spring retainer and pivot studs which were innovations, it would appear. A couple paint chips, see photos. Sounds and plays great. I’m going to include this matching blue strap which is kind of unique itself. For about $40.00 you can get a new mirror pick guard and the guitar would look near perfect. Made in Japan. Ships from Texas. Oh yeah and I’m supplying it a SKB hard case with one bad latch out of four. Black case in and out. Nice.