Ibanez RG550 WH 1991

$ 1323.47

You will not find another one like this easily.
Don’t miss your chance. Make me an offer!

Beautiful, near-mint, 1991 RG 550.
Neck is incredible, this must have been barely ever played in its previous life. White has mellowed to a very nice vintage cream in places.

There are, of course, some very small imperfections in the paintwork, as you might expect after 31 years. These are mostly on the bottom right edge of the body, close to the tone control and output jack. I had to hunt for any others, working hard to get the light to catch them for photographs, and zoomed them in a lot for you to see. The neck pocket has the usual lacquer cracks, which are unavoidable on vintage Ibanez.

I’ve tried to photograph everything because my policy is to be 100% transparent, and give no surprises to my buyers. Rest assured, the overall impression here is of a minty fresh guitar that barely looks 31 days old, never mind 31 years old 🙂

The case pictured was used for photos only and is now being used for another guitar.
I will ship it in another Ibanez hard case for super-secure delivery.

Shipping by UPS with full declared value and adult signature required .