Ibanez RG5320 Cosmic Shadow MIJ

$ 1500.00

Perhaps the most amazing quality Japanese Prestige Ibanez of late. Top of the line.

Everything about it is downright perfect.

Ebony fretboard, highest quality mahogany body, maple and walnut neck. Exquisite.

The best trem system, unreal action, and pickups designed and tweaked to a fare-thee-well for a uniquely refined lead tone and all else.

Split the coils and you are in the single coil pocket.

Dip the tone and volume a tad and a you are in jazz-land.

After years of refinement Ibanez has brought this guitar to the USA and it can stand with the best of them.

Save your coin. In all honesty, we like it better than models costing far more. And the quality is exactly equal if not better. It’s that damn good.

Not many have reached our shores. It came out mid COVID. There are but few reviews on line. Sweetwater’s description of the pickups is not quite right. They are hyping it for a target buyer-type. But the sound is far more stylistically sophisticated and the guitar achieves a broad sonic palette that makes it a true wonder.

We love the clean tone depth and clarity…and crunch amp and pedal settings are driven in a way you have to hear to believe. Individual notes remain clear and articulate with all the nuances and expressiveness you can muster.

This does not sound like your typical Ibanez. And it’s not a one-trick-pony. Rather, you can play any style.

It magically hits amps and pedals. And it will turn your guitar processor rig on its ear.

Love palm muting with the low pro trem. And it is so responsive. Use the trem subtly for classic Strat nuances, and dive bomb away for Satchesq leads. Vai soundscapes too.

This Cosmic Shadow does it all.

And it picks up stage lighting and colors like mad. Beautiful.

Dark stage?…No prob with the luminescent neck side dot markers. They really work.

This guitar is virtually in new condition. Some very minor light wear. No dings or scratches. And it is professionally set up. It was about to go on the road, but times are a-changin’. 🙄

The action is insane. Just perfect. (And that means not too low either!)

Do your homework. There are no returns. This is a totally professional instrument of the highest quality. It is one of the best guitars from Japan. The precision and attention to detail are jewelry-like.

We are hoping this guitar can land with a stylistic player who really wants and can use a very unique tool for their music.

Free shipping in the CUSA.