Ibanez RG470L-Blue Left-Handed

$ 550.00

Hey there fellow lefties! This Ibby is one of the nicest playing Korea models I’ve encountered (Ive had several). If you can’t find a fugi gen then this one would be a great alternative. The paint on this one is in really nice shape for its age (I believe it’s a 2007) and is a rarer and cooler color than the black models. I captured the noticeable blems in the photos but they are surface scuffs or light scratches and don’t expose the wood. I did swap the trem from a rg450dxbl because the one it came with had a broken part. I set it up and intonated it and it plays like it should. The electronics are all stock. I don’t have the back plate or a case but it will be well packed and secure. Free shipping and insurance to continental US. Any questions, shoot me a message. Thanks for looking