Ibanez RG2670Z-GK Prestige 2008 – 2009 – Galaxy Black

$ 700.00

Looking for a “meh” Ibanez? Cause I got one for you! This subpar RG 2670Z for your consideration.

Got it as a picked apart shell of it’s former glory. I try to get them as close to stock, within reason; but ya gotta work with what ya have. So here are the installed bits.

Pickups are Duncan Designed GCA (HB-120B), Duncan Designed Single (SC101) and a JBNL in the neck. The GCA ones were given to students at the ESP Guitar Craft Academy way back when.

The trem is the Edge Zero w/ZPS3 and has Gotoh machine heads. Electronics are new and features a MegaSwitch E along with a push/pull bright switch mod.

OK. So on the the fun part. Damage! This guitar has been used and as such will have the normal wear/tear. Crack between neck and bridge pickups. A finish crack between mounting screw holes. Also a small whiteish circular smudge on the back. The area by the push/pull knob has this weird marking (it didn’t give me any issues when installing the bits). A few chips on/around the horns and the regular finish cracks by the neck pocket. The largest bit of damage is on the bottom of the body. Should be pretty evident in the pic.

I don’t have the fancy Prestige case but do have a regular one. So it’ll be shipped in an Ibanez molded case. I tested all the electronics and it works just fine. Please keep in mind there are no returns and the item is used. ***I’ll get some better pics to replace the blurry ones. Sorry about that***