Ibanez RG1527 7-string Royal Blue (with Floyd Rose Original, Tungsten sustain block, and SD Nazgûl)

$ 1420.00

Case, tremolo bar, and truss rod tool included!

Barely-played Ibanez 7-string with an upgraded tremolo system, sustain block, and bridge pickup!

I find LTD’s more comfortable, so I’m cleaning out my Ibanezes. I obtained this guitar in mid-2021 and have barely used it in the studio, and don’t plan to.

Customization and setup done by Ann Arbor Guitars (master luthier) in 2021.

Excellent condition. A few minor scratches to the body.

The bridge is blocked one-way to only go down in pitch. It’s an easy fix to remove, if you wish. My style only called for that, and I hate floating bridges.

Serial number says it’s a 2007, which was toward the end of this model’s run.

I do have the old Edge bridge in a box, but if you wanted that I’d create a separate listing. It simply won’t fit in the case.

Sold as-is!