Ibanez RG1527 2002 Blue/Purple

$ 1200.00

For sale used 2002 Ibanez Prestige RG1527 in excellent condition.  I believe this is considered cosmic blue but looks more purple in the light. This guitar has a few upgrades to it.  It has a brass big block sustain block for the bridge.  The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan custom shop JB/Custom hybrid and the neck is either SD 59 or Jazz (I cannot remember which).  The knobs are replaced though the tone knob is currently disconnected but easily reconnected.  It has a dimarzio clip lock strap which I will include.  I honestly do not know if I can find the strap knobs at this point but they are easily replaced if you don’t like the clip lock.  Includes case and tremolo arm.  Case the middle latch doesn’t stay latched but both outside ones work normal.  It is currently professionally setup for Bb/Eb with 10s.  The bridge is also blocked to only dive at this time, but that is just a piece of wood that can be easily removed.  I don’t use the tremolo for 7 strings and it provides better tuning stability.

There are a few small dings in the body, which I have included in the photos.  For those familiar with Ibanez models this is not uncommon.  Nothing that takes away from the beauty of the guitar they are around the edges.  I am only selling as I moved to multi-scale 7 strings and this no longer gets any use.