Ibanez RG 370DX Petrucci Picasso Tribute 2000-2005 – Custom

$ 650.00

This started life as a standard MIK Ibanez RG 370DX. This is one of the earlier models made in Korea, which are considered much better craftsmanship than the newer Indonesia models. I had this custom overlay designed by a professional using professional grade materials, and fitted to the guitar to pay homage to the great John Petrucci, and his Picasso guitar. If you’re like me, and could never spend $8000-$10,000 for a real one, but love the look, this fits the bill perfectly. It’s not perfect, but looks outstanding! Some of the trimming of the graphic around the middle pickup cavity not perfect, but hard to notice. Had a cosmetic finish crack in polyurethane towards the back of guitar that you can see a slight line under the graphic. Has some light scratches and a tiny paint chip on the back. (Pictured) This neck is fantastic, plays like butter, and this guitar sounds great

I love this guitar, but plan to build another like it in the near future using a Premium model. This is definitely an awesome piece that you won’t see everyday!