Ibanez PS120-BK Paul Stanley Signature Series Electric Guitar 2022 – Black

$ 1708.98

*Reverb policies don’t allow me to list this guitar as “Brand New” because I am not an actual Ibanez Dealer, hence the “Mint” description instead. But be Assured & Reassured that the items are Brand New. The only use it had was for testing purposes before, during & after Plek set up & all on board upgrades & extra services listed below.









Here’s a “King package” for those Paul Stanley fans that don’t want to spend a small fortune on a high end Ibanez PS. This one was upgraded in a way that has nothing to envy to their expensive counterparts. The only perceptible difference between the high end ones (if you actually look for it and practically look through a magnifying glass) is that the high end ones have a Gibraltar Bridge tilted a few degrees & almost a similar tailpiece. But I can assure you that this one plays as good as any high end one. The way it’s been pleaded and set up had a lot to do with as well as the high end Gotoh tuners provide an impressive tuning stability.

Now there’s a few things I need to explain or perhaps justify in advance in regards to money spent (talking about a small fortune) on making this guitar a weapon on mass destruction/speed demon.

I know most of you don’t like to read more than a few paragraphs but please; read the whole ad. Then you’ll understand why this/why that.

1st of all; I bought this guitar with the intention of “Capsule it”; not for playing.; hence why is truly Brand New.

1st I ordered the guitar, that itself took a while but I got a “fresh” one from a recent batch. However; the guitar took a while to get to me so from the go I knew it was going to take forever to have this done.

Finally 2 months down the road the PS docked in Australia.

Once it made it to the shop I started to research & got a friend that owns a guitar shop to order me from Gotoh the Pearl Tuners that Paul Stanley uses in his high end axes. These cost a fortune I think it was over $300. Funny thing, Gotoh have some weird system to order those as you have to select EACH one of the tuners in order to get a set. Strange options; I guess if you break one you can buy the exact one you broke (at those prices I’m not that surprised; over 50 bucks plus shipping a tuner). Bear in mind; these prices are to Australia.

Another 2 months passed by; the Pearl PS tuners arrived.

So I asked the shop’s Luthier to replace the Original pins with Geman Schaller Chrome pins; have the Tuners replaced for the high end; put new Ernie Ball Strings (10.46) & put a “take your time-do not rush Plek Job & full set up” as I still had to procure the Genuine Ibanez Hard Case; as the PS guitars don’t fit inside ANYTHING else other than the high end PS axes (these come with your overpriced guitar) or the only option (that is no longer available) of Ibanez IC200C PS case. That case price always gravitated on the US$199.00 mark (In the States).

Well the nightmare of actually getting one of those took me another 3 months. Why? Because I rang, search on line over and over & contacted Ibanez Australia a few times too. No shop here sold the IC200C. After being pissed off to the max & giving up with “Options” of other cases that may or may not fit the PS properly (None did) I started to ring Ibanez and asked. They told me that the IC200C was not in their database & that was only available in USA for an unknown period of time (boy they were right). So I started to contact shops in the states. The ones that still had that case would not ship to Oz because we have an Ibanez Australia rep & we have to go through it locally rather than jump countries. Yep. Awesome. I even tried Thomman in Germany (they’re famous for selling anything to other countries; but they never had any Lol!). I even tried several big shops in the UK. Same thing. I was told by a sales person in Sweetwater (USA) that the only way I could get it was to use a third party company that fetches the item for you; charges you a few fees & shipping (but you get the item-but it will cost you).

So I used one of those companies; it’s called U-Buy. Yeah I figured I use them once off-and yeah I learned the lesson. They tore me a brand new butt (money wise). Money can buy anything no matter how restricted or where you are but you have to have it at the time 🙁

So yesterday I check the website & mocked up a purchase to get to the step before paying where everything is detailed. Yeah they could fetch this item from the only place that still has a few left (Sweetwater) in the States. Anyways it costs between case, fees, customs, handling, bull**** & shipping about AU$800.00. Don’t believe me? Look at the last picture. I took a screenshot of the page site with all the details. That is as of yesterday. Thanks Ibanez Australia 🙁

Anyways, took me about 6 months to have all the bits and pieces together.

The guitar was ready and in the proper case.

The Luthier told me in advance it was now a phenomenal instrument that had nothing to envy to any other Iceman. So yeah I check the guitar and yes it was. Super fast; definitely an instrument that a pro must would love it. Low strings setting & tuning stability… perfect. So a few minutes after the test, went to the case for the “Long Sleep”. It came out 2 days ago for pictures only.

Finally… you can do the math yourself; I don’t really like to revisit all the coin poured into this project. I know I’ll never recover all I put in so whatever I list this for will be a fair price. And someone (me) has to pay commission to Reverb as well… so.

Also consider that if you see a cheap one listed there chances are that is a B Stock (Factory Seconds) and even what was a problem was corrected; you will always know there was a problem or a non corrected scratch where your axe should be mint. That’s me anyway. If I spend the coin in something new it better be spanking brand new without fingerprints & most definitely unmolested (I call that when a guitar is on the hook on the shop and every guy that passes by picks it up & shreds it for a few minutes at a time and put it back for the next guy to “repeat” and so on).

I suppose that was plenty to say. I won’t apologise for a proper full description. 

You will also get Free Shipping (Except Tassie cos the shipping prices to there are astronomical).

Again, I only ship to Australia.

If you want to pick up:

You can pick up but be aware: Pick up means you take your package (after payment) & leave. Is not a Jam session. I don’t have the facilities for that. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t I let ANYBODY inside my house. In case of a pick up; the garage will have to do. Paranoid? No. Just careful. No offence intended to anybody that genuinely wants to do a transaction. The “other” guys ruin things for the good ones.

*PayPal payments:

The ONLY PayPal form of payments I will accept is the one where I receive an email from PayPal; I check my account (BY LOGGING INTO MY ACCOUNT – NOT CLICKING ON YOUR LINKS) & I see in my account balance your payment. The rest of the scam attempts using fake PayPal emails & stupid “Payment Advices that requires you to put a refundable deposit in order to release funds” or any cue to click here & there and ask to give personal details…. DON’T EVEN BOTHER. You’re only wasting time. A PayPal payment is very simple: You pay. I receive an email advising me I received a payment; I log & check in my account (without using ANY links) & I see the funds in my account. I ship your item or you pick up if you’re a local. The end (in that order).

Again; to all the honest people out there; please take no offence; this isn’t directed at you but at those that try to scam us.

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